BIOST 578B - University of Washington: Spring, 2005

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Scott S. Emerson, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Biostatistics
Department of Biostatistics
University of Washington

Special Topics in Advanced Biostatistics
Advanced-level topics in biostatistics offered by regular and visiting faculty.

Syllabus and General Information
   Syllabus (pdf)

Handouts and Lecture Materials
  Organizing Your Approach To An Analysis (pdf)
  Notes On Sample Size Computation (pdf)

   Mayo Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Dataset (txt)
   Mayo Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Dataset Documentation (pdf)
   Additional Project Data: Pulmonary Dataset (txt)


  Homework 1
   Homework 1 (doc)

  Homework 2
   Homework 2 (doc)

  Homework 3
   Homework 3 (doc)

  Homework 4
   Homework 4 (doc)
   Homework 4 Dataset Documentation (pdf)
   Homework 4 Dataset (txt)

  Homework 5
   Homework 5 (doc)

  Homework 6
   Homework 6 (doc)
   Homework 6 Stopping Drug Dataset (txt)
   Homework 6 Outcomes Dataset (txt)
   Homework 6 Labs Dataset (txt)
   Homewrk 6 Key (pdf)

  Homework 7
   Homework 7 (doc)



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