BIOST 524 - University of Washington: Spring, 2011

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Design of Medical Studies
Design of medical studies, with emphasis on randomized controlled clinical trials. Bias elimination, controls, treatment assignment and randomization, precision, replication, power and sample size calculations, stratification, and ethics.

  Susanne May, Ph.D. Scott S. Emerson, M.D., Ph.D.
  Associate Professor      Professor
  Department of Biostatistics Department of Biostatistics
  University of Washington University of Washington
Office: HSB F653 HSB F673
Phone: 206-616-6342 (Biostat) 206-616-6678 (Biostat)
  206-685-1302 (ROC) 206-685-1302 (ROC)
Office hours: (By appointment) (By appointment)

Times and Places
Lectures : MW 8:00am - 9:20am HSB T625

Syllabus and General Information
BIOST 524 Syllabus (pdf)

Supplemental Materials
Clinical Trials: Overview and Terminology (NRC Missing Data in RCT Report Appendix A (pdf))
Frequentist evaluation of group sequential clinical trial designs (pdf)
Sample size computation (pdf)
October 2009 short course materials

Course Materials

DateHandoutsVideosHW AssignedHW DueMiscellaneous
Mon, 28 Mar Lecture 1a Lecture     Minutes from class discussion
Wed, 30 Mar Lecture 1b Lecture Homework 1 (Key) (Excel)   "Discerning Hype..."
Mon, 4 Apr Lecture 2 Lecture   Homework 1  
Wed, 6 Apr Lecture 3 Lecture Homework 2   Protocol Template
Mon, 11 Apr   Lecture   Homework 2 NSCLC Articles
Wed, 13 Apr   Lecture Homework 3    
Mon, 18 Apr HW 3 Discussion Lecture   Homework 3  
Wed, 20 Apr Lecture 4 Lecture Homework 4 Proposals (Excel)    
Mon, 25 Apr   Lecture   Homework 4 (part I)  
Wed, 27 Apr Lecture 6 Lecture   Homework 4 (part II)  
Mon, 2 May Lecture 7 Lecture      
Wed, 4 May Lecture 8 Lecture      
Mon, 9 May   Lecture      
Wed, 11 May Lecture 9 Lecture      
Mon, 16 May          
Wed, 18 May          
Mon, 23 May          
Wed, 25 May          
Wed, 1 Jun