Emerson Statistics: Supplementary Materials

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Scott S. Emerson, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Biostatistics
Department of Biostatistics
University of Washington

Supplementary Tutorials   Approach to analyzing a data set   (pdf)
    Use of logarithmic transformations   (pdf)
    Reporting associations   (pdf)
    The general regression model   (pdf)
    Importance of normality assumption   RCTdesign.org (pdf)
    Some observations on the Wilcoxon rank sum test   RCTdesign.org (pdf)
    Adjustment for baseline in randomized clinical trials   RCTdesign.org (pdf)
    General approach to sample size computation   RCTdesign.org (pdf)
    Missing data in RCT (NEJM)   RCTdesign.org (pdf)
    Missing data in RCT (NAS full report)   RCTdesign.org (pdf)
Stata Information   Ordering Stata IC through Stata Grad Plan   Grad Plan
    Prof. Jim Hughes’ Stata tutorials (requires UWnet ID)   Stata tutorials
R Information   Tutorials and access to uwIntroStats package   www.emersonstatistics.com/R