BIOST 518 - University of Washington: Winter, 2008

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Scott S. Emerson, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Biostatistics
Department of Biostatistics
University of Washington

Applied Biostatistics II
Multiple regression for continuous, discrete, and right censored response variables, including dummy variables, transformations, and interactions. Introduction to regression with correlated outcome data. Model and case diagnostics. Computer assignments using real data and standard statistical computer packages.

Instructor:Scott S. Emerson, M.D., Ph.D.


Daryl Morris
Office Hours (HSLIC): Tu 5:30pm - 7:00pm, Th 1:30 - 3:00pm

Rob Wellman
Office Hours (HSLIC): MF 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Office:HSB F673
Phone:543-1044 (Biostatistics)
221-4185 (ROC)
Office Hours:Immediately after class (or by appointment)

Times and Places
Lectures : MWF 9:30am - 10:20am HSB T439
Disc AA : M 8:30am - 9:20am HSB T478
Disc AB : W 8:30am - 9:20am HSB T478
Disc AC : F 8:30am - 9:20am HSB T574

Syllabus and General Information
BIOST 518 Syllabus (pdf)

Handouts and Lecture Materials
01/07/2008  The Scientist Game Presentation Handouts (pdf)
01/09/2008  Lecture 2 Presentation Handouts (pdf)
01/11/2008  Lecture 3 Presentation Handouts (pdf)
01/16/2008  Lecture 4 Presentation Handouts (pdf)
01/23/2008  Lecture 5 Presentation Handouts (pdf)
01/25/2008  Lecture 6 Presentation Handouts (pdf)
02/01/2008  Lecture 7 Presentation Handouts (pdf)
02/04/2008  Lecture 8 Presentation Handouts (pdf)
02/08/2008  Trees and CARTscans Presentation Handouts (pdf)
02/13/2008  Lecture 9 Presentation Handouts (pdf)
02/15/2008  Lecture 10 Presentation Handouts (pdf)
02/25/2008  Lecture 11 Presentation Handouts (pdf)
02/29/2008  Lecture 12 Presentation Handouts (pdf)

Audio-Visual Lectures and Discussion Groups (all in wmv format)
These will stream on a Windows Platform, and many other players (Real Player, Quicktime) support the codec.
01/07/2008  The Scientist Game Lecture Audio/Video (wmv)
01/09/2008  Lecture 2 Audio/Video (wmv)
01/11/2008  Lecture 2 Audio/Video (wmv)
01/14/2008  Lecture 3 Audio/Video (wmv)
01/16/2008  Lecture 3 Audio/Video (wmv)
01/18/2008  Lecture 4 Audio/Video (wmv)
01/23/2008  Lecture 5 Audio/Video (wmv)
01/25/2008  Lecture 5 Audio/Video (wmv)
01/28/2008  Lecture 5 Audio/Video (wmv)
01/30/2008  Lecture 6 Audio/Video (wmv)
02/01/2008  Lecture 7 Audio/Video (wmv)
02/04/2008  Lecture 7 Audio/Video (wmv)
02/06/2008  Lecture 8 Audio/Video (wmv)
02/08/2008  Trees and CART Scans Audio/Video (wmv)
02/13/2008  Lecture 9 Audio/Video (wmv)
02/15/2008  Lecture 9 Audio/Video (wmv)
02/20/2008  Lecture 10 Audio/Video (wmv)
02/22/2008  Lecture 10 Audio/Video (wmv)
02/25/2008  Lecture 11 Audio/Video (wmv)
02/27/2008  Lecture 11 Audio/Video (wmv)
02/29/2008  Lecture 11 Audio/Video (wmv)
03/03/2008  Discussion of projects Audio/Video (wmv)
03/05/2008  Lecture 11 Audio/Video (wmv)
03/07/2008  Lecture 12 Audio/Video (wmv)
03/10/2008  Lecture 12 Audio/Video (wmv)
03/12/2008  Lecture 12 Audio/Video (wmv)
03/14/2008  Lecture 13 Audio/Video (wmv)

 Discussion Groups
01/07/2008  Discussion Group Audio/Video (wmv)
01/09/2008  Discussion Group Audio/Video (wmv)
01/14/2008  Discussion Group Audio/Video (wmv)
01/25/2008  Discussion Group Audio/Video (wmv)
01/28/2008  Discussion Group Audio/Video (wmv)
01/30/2008  Discussion Group Audio/Video (wmv)
02/01/2008  Discussion Group Audio/Video (wmv)
02/04/2008  Discussion Group Audio/Video (wmv)

Q and A

Supplemental Materials

   Clinical Trial Idarubicin in AML Data Documentation (doc)
   Clinical Trial Idarubicin in AML Data (txt)
   Clinical Trial Idarubicin in AML Data (Stata .do file)
The Stata .do file will download as - after
downloading simply rename the file to
   Chemosensitizers in Chemotherapy Documentation (doc)
   Chemosensitizers in Chemotherapy Data (txt)
   Biomarkers of Inflammation Data Documentation (doc)
   Biomarkers of Inflammation Data (txt)
   Screening Data For PBC Documentation (doc)
   Screening Data For PBC (txt)
   Adult FEV Data Documentation (doc)
   Adult FEV Data (txt)
   FEV Data Documentation (doc)
   FEV Data (txt)
   DFMO Data Documentation (doc)
   DFMO Data-wide (txt)
   DFMO Data-long (txt)
   SEP Data Documentation (doc)
   SEP Data (txt)
   Salary Data Documentation (doc)
   Salary Data (txt)
   PSA Data Documentation (doc)
   PSA Data (txt)
   Mayo Clinic PBC Data Documentation (doc)
   Mayo Clinic PBC Dataset (txt)
   Beta carotene Data Documentation (doc)
   Beta carotene Dataset (txt)
   PBC Trial Laboratory Data Documentation (doc)
   PBC Trial Laboratory Dataset (txt)
   MRI and Cerebral Atrophy Data Documentation (pdf)
   MRI and Cerebral Atrophy Dataset (txt)
   Biomarkers of Inflammation Data Documentation (pdf)
   Biomarkers of Inflammation Dataset (txt)


01/11/2008  Homework 01   Due: Wednesday, January 16, 2008
   Homework 1 (doc)

01/23/2008  Homework 02   Due: Friday, February 1, 2008
   Homework 2 (doc)
   Homework 2 Annotated Stata (pdf)

02/04/2008  Homework 03   Due: Friday, February 8, 2008
   Homework 3 (doc)
   Homework 3 Annotated Stata (pdf)
   Homework 3 Key (pdf)

02/14/2008  Homework 04   Due: Monday, February 25, 2008
   Homework 4 (doc)

02/25/2008  Student Project   Varying due dates
   Project (doc)

03/12/2008  Homework 05   Due: Friday, March 14, 2008
   Homework 5 (doc)

Exam Keys
   Midterm   Exam   Key

   Final   Exam   Key

Project Submissions